Twelve Gauge Records

Hell And Reason

Hell And Reason 7"EP, Digital

Hailing from Sacramento's desolate foothills, beneath Seattle's dreary skies, and from Portland's muddy riverbanks, Hell and Reason are as dichotomous as their name indicates, taking influence from heavy-hitting predecessors such as Cursed, Tragedy, and Entombed, combined with the sociopathic anguish of bands such as Swans, Current 93, and Christian Death - all bound together by the outspoken ideals synonymous with Trial and Catharsis.

Having just completed their self-titled 7", Hell and Reason are focused on constant progression and aspire to go over the top, a flight from the stagnant trenches of modern hardcore and metal, and into no man's land, running - full force into oblivion.

Track listing

  1. The Leper's Wisdom
  2. The Pariah's Salvation (What Has Risen May Fall What Has Fallen May Rise)
  3. Groping Through The Dark (The Truth Of The Sun.)
  4. Submission (I, Meme, Mine)