Twelve Gauge Records

Sabertooth Zombie

Midnight Sessions 12"LP, Digital

"The Midnight Sessions" compiles eleven tracks from "Midnight Venom" and all tracks of "Dungeon Sessions" (courtesy of Spiderghost Pressgang). They were re-recorded completely live at The Panda Studios with Sam Pura. This release includes all new artwork as well as an 18x24" poster with every LP.

Track listing

  1. D.O.A.
  2. Seven Swords
  3. Black Of Mouth
  4. Shadow Of Shops
  5. I'm Fucking Disgusted
  6. Lady Death I
  7. Lady Death II
  8. Decayed Decade
  9. Automatic Minds
  10. Gallows
  11. Flee Creep And Cheat
  12. Live In Hell Rot In Dirt
  13. Rotten
  14. Curly Locks