Twelve Gauge Records

Heavy Heavy Low Low

...Courtside Seats CDEP, Digital

Heavy Heavy Low Low's debut EP. Courtside Seats EP was recorded in Mountain View, CA over the summer season of 2004. The EP was released on CD in February 2005.

The recording sucks, but this is some of the band's best and heaviest material.

Track listing

  1. Pizza Party
  2. Inhalant Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal
  3. There's A Bat
  4. Do You Like Guns? Want to See My Passport?
  5. Kids Kids Kids
  6. You Killed The Bee, But You Broke The Light You Asshole
  7. Very Dramatic
  8. Saran Wrap Love Affair
  9. Vaginal Blood And Construction Paper Cigarettes
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11