Twelve Gauge Records


Twelve Gauge Records is an independent record label operating out of San Fransico, CA with a rich roster of hardcore and metal artists like Sabertooth Zombie, Power, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and others.

The label was founded in 2004 with it's first release, Courtside Seats EP by Heavy Heavy Low Low, out in early 2005. Since then, over 20 artists put together a discography of over 30 releases mostly pressed on vinyl only.

No two releases will sound alike as no effort is put into following a specific template or routine. This is a DIY effort with a strong passion for the music and the scene.

Twelve Gauge Records is exclusively distributed by Deathwish Direct.


  • Management, A&R:
    Jihad M. Rabah,

  • Distribution/Wholesale Inquiries:
    Deathwish Direct,

  • Online Store Contact:
    Jihad M. Rabah,